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Packaged Plant Room for Hire

Our range of temporary boilers are designed to be versatile and suit any heating or hot water system. Our temporary plant rooms come in various different sizes starting from 100 kW upto 3000 kW. 

If you are having a complete plant room refurbishment our temporary plant rooms can be provided to cover any heating and hot water systems to ensure no down time. We can supply a range of accessories for the system such as distribution pumps, pressurisation units, additional temperature controls and flue dilution systems. 

For example our pipefitter welders can fabricate multiple circuit headers with individual distribution pumps. Booster pumps are selected biased on your systems bespoke requirements from the vast range of pumps we hold in stock. 

Our bespoke engineering services ensure our temporary plant rooms offer the best solution for any application.  

For more information please contact one of our technical team on 

01782 412342.

Temporary plant room
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