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Nationwide Boiler Hire's Uncompromising Commitment to Innovation in the Temporary Boiler Market, has elevated us to be the UKs Leading Boiler Hire Specialist, providing High End Solutions with Efficiency, Reliability, and Versatility at the Core.
In addition to our regular selection of packaged boilers, we maintain an inventory of custom-built boilers tailored for unique projects. These one-off boilers are specifically designed and constructed by our in-house team to provide a tailored solution that meets the specific requirements of each project.
Additional Equipment

Our temporary boilers are designed to be versatile and come with a wide range of additional add on equipment. No matter the system we have the equipment to suit. 

  • Bunded Fuel Tanks​

  • Fuel management​

  • Booster pumps​

  • Cold water booster sets

  • Remote monitoring systems ​

  • Temporary pipework

  • Temporary Plate heat exchangers

  • ​Manifolds / Header fabrication​

  • Pump sets for multiple circuits

  • Automatic temperature control equipment

  • Fixed pipework fabrication​

  • Temporary water storage tanks upto 25,000 ltrs

Industries & Applications

Our temporary mobile boilers are a proven ideal solution to provide planned or emergency heating and hot water for many applications. Due to the versatility of our units we can ensure our units work in any situation, our boilers can be connected to the existing heating and hot water circuits. Our unique design allows us to mimic the existing system giving our temporary boilers the ability to maintain heating and hot water during planned boiler swap outs and emergency break downs. We have provided our customers temporary heating and hot water in a whole range of industries and applications. 

  • Residential

  • Laundries

  • Educational Facilities

  • Anaerobic digestion plants

  • District heating networks

  • Hospitals

  • Large commercial buildings

  • Processing Factories

  • Leisure centres and swimming pools

  • Hotels & Spas

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