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Fuel management

Our fleet of temporary oil boilers are supplied with range of temporary fuel tank sizes. Our fleet of temporary tanks start at 500 ltrs up to 20,000 ltrs. This ensures that we can tailor the boiler and tank package to the sites requirements, for example for a site with limited access we can provide a large capacity tank to ensure there is sufficient fuel in place.

temporary oil tank hire

We understand fuel costs are a major consideration when hiring a temporary boiler. Nationwide boiler hire offers flexibility when it comes to supplying fuel to our oil boilers. We offer our customers full fuel management packages with our temporary oil tanks. Using remote monitor technology we receive alerts and reports advising us as to the fuel tank levels. This then allows us to order fuel as and when required, guaranteeing no down time. Using our remote monitoring technology we can accurately monitor the boiler consumption rate.

You are not tied into a contract to only have fuel from us, we work with a number of clients that have regular site deliveries and we are more than happy to allow customers to provide their own fuel which can have massive impact on the project budget. 

Our temporary boilers can run on Gas oil (35 second red diesel), Kerosene (28 second oil, paraffin), HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and bio diesel. 

Contact our team for advice and information on the fuel monitoring packages we provide. 

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