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2000 kW Temporary boiler

Our 2000 kW containerised and packaged boilers are capable of providing temporary heating and hot water. Our temporary boilers are sited externally to the building and are connected to the existing pipework by flexible hoses. Included in the package is the boiler, burner and standard pump.
We carry a whole range of additional products to allow our equipment to meet every  requirement, for example:

• Flexible hoses
• Bunded fuel tanks
• Flexible gas pipe
• Booster pumps

• Remote plate heat exchangers
• Headers & manifolds
• Pipework adapters
• Fabrication of fixed pipework

2000 kW temporary heating boiler

Heat Your Space with Reliable Heating Solutions with Our 2000 kW Temporary Boiler

Welcome to a new era of comfort with our 2000 kW temporary boilers at Nationwide Boiler Hire. Beyond the technical specifications, let's explore how these boilers can transform your space and enhance your daily operations.


Versatile Applications:

Our 2000 kW boilers are not just machines; they are versatile solutions that cater to a multitude of needs. Whether you're overseeing a boiler refurbishment, or need additional heating capacity during a cold spell, a temporary solution whilst your care home or hospital boiler is being replaced or repaired, our boilers step up to the challenge. They bring warmth to spaces and heat to water where it matters most.

Seamless Integration:

Imagine a heating solution that seamlessly integrates into your environment, requiring minimal attention while providing maximum comfort. Our temporary boilers, sited externally to your building, effortlessly blend into the background, ensuring your focus remains on what truly matters.

Emergency Heating Support:

During unexpected cold snaps or boiler malfunctions, our temporary boilers act as the reliable backup you need. Swiftly deployed and efficiently heated, they ensure that your space remains comfortable and operational, minimising downtime.

Focus on What Matters:

With Nationwide Boiler Hire, you don't just get a boiler; you get a partner in comfort. Our heating solutions allow you to focus on your priorities while we take care of creating the perfect environment for you and your team.

Unlock the potential of our 2000 kW boilers and experience a new level of comfort and efficiency. Contact Nationwide Boiler Hire today to explore how our heating solutions can elevate your space.

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