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250 kW Temporary Boiler

Our 250 kW packaged boiler is capable of providing temporary heating and hot water. Our temporary boilers are sited externally to the building and are connected to the existing pipework by flexible hoses. Included in the package is the boiler, burner and standard pump.
We carry a whole range of additional products to allow our equipment to meet every  requirement, for example:

• Flexible hoses
• Bunded fuel tanks
• Flexible gas pipe
• Booster pumps

• Remote plate heat exchangers
• Headers & manifolds
• Pipework adapters
• Fabrication of fixed pipework

250 kW temporar heating and hot water boiler

Utilising the Power of Our 250 kW Temporary Boiler Solutions

Discover the reliability and efficiency of our 250 kW packaged boiler, engineered to provide dynamic temporary heating and hot water solutions. Positioned externally to your building, these boilers seamlessly connect to existing pipework through flexible hoses, delivering a versatile and efficient heating solution.


Key Features:


Robust Heating Capability: With a substantial duty of 250 kW, our temporary boilers operate on Gas Oil, Natural Gas, BioGas, LPG, and LNG, providing a robust and adaptable solution for your temporary heating and hot water needs.


Temperature Control Precision: Experience precise temperature control within the range of 60 – 90°C. For applications requiring fine-tuned control, our temporary boilers, equipped with additional controls, can achieve temperatures from 25 – 95°C.


Compact and Smart Design: Measuring 1000 x 3000 x 1850mm + 100mm Flue, our 250 kW Temporary Boiler boasts a compact design, facilitating easy placement and integration into your existing infrastructure.


Low Noise Operation: With an average noise level of 40 dBA at 10 meters, our temporary boilers ensure a quiet and conducive working environment without sacrificing performance.


Fuel Efficiency Focus: Optimised fuel consumption is a priority. The temporary boiler consumes 25 litres per hour of red diesel for Gas Oil, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.


Versatile Power Supply: Choose between a 16A 1ph. N + E (3 pin blue commando plug) or a 13A 1ph 3 pin plug for the power supply, offering flexibility to suit your specific electrical infrastructure.


Technical Details:

  • Weight Approx: 1200 Kg

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 5 Bar

  • Gas Connection Required: 2” BSP Female

  • Water Connections Required: 2” BSP Female

  • Standard Pump: 3 ltrs/sec @ 80 kPa (with alternative options available)

  • Water Requirement: 16 Lts per/min @ 2Bar

  • Fuel Tank (Recommended): 2500 Ltr (1500 x 2000 x 1300mm)


Nationwide Delivery and Installation Services:


Leverage our comprehensive nationwide delivery and installation services, ensuring that our 250 kW Temporary Boiler is efficiently delivered and installed by our skilled engineers. Our engineers can commission the system at your location, providing a tailored solution that aligns with your project timeline and requirements.


Explore the efficiency of our 250 kW Temporary Boiler range. Contact Nationwide Boiler Hire today to discover how our heating solutions can seamlessly meet your temporary heating and hot water needs.

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