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30 kW / 40 kW Temporary Boiler

Our portable 30 kW temporary hot water boiler, housed in a compact enclosure  for the boiler and ancillaries; the unit is capable of being maneuvered with either a fork lift truck or pallet trucks of suitable capacity. This unit will hold two 47 kg bottles of LPG gas connected via automatic changeover valve which ensures no down time while changing the LPG bottles.
We carry a range of accessories to ensure our equipment meets your requirements:

• Flexible Hoses
• Bunded Fuel Tanks
• Flexible Gas pipe
• Booster pumps

• Remote Plate Heat Exchangers
• Headers & Manifolds
• Pipework Adapters
• Fabrication of fixed pipework

30 kW temporary boiler.jpg

We also have a 40 kW and 50 kW boiler in this range. 

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