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300 kW Temporary boiler

Our 300 kW packaged boiler is capable of providing temporary heating and hot water. Our temporary boilers are sited externally to the building and are connected to the existing pipework by flexible hoses. Included in the package is the boiler, burner and standard pump.
We carry a whole range of additional products to allow our equipment to meet every  requirement, for example:

• Flexible hoses
• Bunded fuel tanks
• Flexible gas pipe
• Booster pumps

• Remote plate heat exchangers
• Headers & manifolds
• Pipework adapters
• Fabrication of fixed pipework

compact 300 kW temporary boiler for temporary heating and hot water
300 kW temporary heating boiler hire.

We also have 350 kW and 400 kW sized units

Plan Your Project with Our 300 kW Temporary Boiler Solutions

At Nationwide Boiler Hire, we recognise the critical importance of a seamless and efficient experience in providing temporary heating solutions. Our commitment is reflected in our comprehensive delivery and installation services, ensuring that our 300 kW temporary boilers are available wherever your project takes you across the United Kingdom.


Our Service Commitment:


Nationwide Reach: Whether your project is situated in bustling urban centres or remote rural areas, our expansive nationwide delivery network ensures prompt transportation of our 300 kW temporary boilers to your location, meeting your heating needs anywhere in the UK.


Expert Installation Team: Our experienced installation team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process. From positioning the temporary boiler externally to connecting it to your existing pipework with flexible hoses, our team works diligently to minimise downtime and have your temporary heating solution operational in no time.


Compliance Assurance: We prioritise compliance with safety and industry standards. Our installation processes adhere to all relevant regulations, guaranteeing that your temporary heating system meets the necessary safety and operational standards.


On-Site Assessment: Before delivery and installation, our team conducts a thorough on-site assessment, to understand the specific requirements of your project. This allows us to tailor our services and recommend additional products or adaptations for optimal performance.


Flexible Scheduling: Recognising the variability in project timelines, our flexible scheduling options accommodate your specific needs. This ensures that the delivery and installation of our 300 kW temporary boiler align with your project milestones.


Ongoing Support: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond installation. We provide ongoing support to address any questions or concerns, ensuring that your temporary heating solution continues to operate at peak efficiency throughout the rental period.


Choose Nationwide Boiler Hire for reliable, nationwide delivery and installation services. Whether in the heart of a city or a remote location, our team is prepared to bring efficient and effective heating solutions to your doorstep.


Technical Specifications of Our 300 kW Temporary Boiler:

  • Duty: 300 kW

  • Fuel Type: Gas Oil/Natural Gas/BioGas/LPG/LNG

  • Temp Range: 60 – 90°C (With additional controls: 25 – 95°C)

  • Dimensions: 1000 x 3000 x 1850mm + 100mm Flue

  • Weight Approx: 1300 Kg

  • Noise Level (dba Av.): 40 dBA @ 10 metres

  • Fuel Consumption Gas Oil: 30 litres P/Hr of red diesel

  • Fuel Consumption Natural Gas: 35 m³ (minimum of 20 mbar)

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 5 Bar

  • Gas Connection Required: 2” BSP Female

  • Water Connections Required: 2” BSP Female

  • Standard Pump (others available): 3.5 ltrs/sec @ 80 kPa

  • Power Supply: 16A 1ph. N + E (3 pin blue commando plug) / 13A 1ph 3 pin plug

  • Fuel Tank (recommended): 2500 Ltr (1500 x 2000 x 1300mm)


We also offer 350 kW and 400 kW sized units to suit your specific project requirements.

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