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Example Boiler Rental Projects

Our temporary boilers are specifically designed to be versatile, light weight, compact and have a unique design so that they will suit a wide range of projects. Below you can see a range of hire from planned boiler hire for a district heating network, emergency boiler hire using one of our portable boilers and a same day hire. For more information on our range of equipment and advice please contact our technical team. 

4.5MW Temporary district heating system London

​Central London housing development ​

Three 1.5mw boilers and district heating pump to provide heating to over 5000 homes on the district heating network.

We provided fabrication and installation of the fixed hot water, distribution and gas pipework. The system is electronically monitored  which allows us to provide a 5 star maintenance package.

250 kW Temporary heating boiler for Supermarket 

A supermarket required a temporary boiler to provide emergency heating cover during repairs to the onsite biomass boiler. Our unit was delivered and installed within 4 hours.

Due to there being no gas on site a bunded fuel tank was also provided with full fuel management. 

300 kW emergency boiler for Gym & Swimming Pool

Our 300kw mobile gas boiler was the perfect solution when the boiler was condemned at a well known and busy gym. Due to access we provided a mobile boiler which meant we could tow the boiler round to the rear of the building, reducing the amount of hoses required and reducing down costs for the customer. We carried out the break ins on to the existing water and gas pipework to allow the boiler to be installed within hours. Our portable boiler units are ideal for sites with poor access or in emergency hire situations. 

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